Wednesday, January 9, 2019


UNLV’s Road to Glory

Jan 9 – 7-1 over ASU, Oceanside Arena, Tempe, Arizona

Jan 10 – 4-1 over ASU, Oceanside Arena, Tempe, Arizona

Jan 12 – 3-4 OT to University of Arizona, Tucson Convention Center

Jan 13 – 4-3 over University of Arizona, Tucson Convention Center




By Lee Samuels

This is it – UNLV’s drive to a ACHA D1 Nationals gold medal begins tonight with four games in Arizona — two versus ASU, two versus University of Arizona. UNLV is going there with a 11-4-0 record, ranked in the ACHA D1 Top 20 and looking to start off the new semester with a hot run.  The team goal is to win it all, the ACHA D1 National Championship.

“This really is a big trip for us to prepare for the U.S. Nationals,” said UNLV head coach Anthony Greener. “If you want to win the gold at the Nationals it starts with winning all 4 games in Arizona this week.”

The blueprint is to start Cody Williams, Joey Kaszupski and Tristan Mayer on the top line with defensemen Eric Williams and Bas Assaf. Cody has been a star goal scorer on every level of hockey he has played and is the team leader with 11 goals this winter.

There are three Rebels goalies on this trip including the awesome Big Ben Giesbrecht.

Greener is bringing three extra forwards, two extra defenseman. Everyone should get playing time during this important four game road trip.

ASU is 7-17-0 overall but on home ice is 3-3-1. UNLV is unbeaten 7-0-0 on home ice at City National Arena and 4-4-0 on the road.

Also of note, ASU has only scored one goal in their last four games.

However, these are the first games in the second semester and historically teams re-cranking in game action in a new semester can be unpredictable in their style and effectiveness in play.

UNLV’s top goal scorers going into these ultra-important games are Cody Williams with 11, Paxton Malone 8, Bryce Woodward 6, Joseph Kaszupski 5, Jared Turcotte 5 and John Moeller 4.

“The only way to win these four games is simple – we need to totally focus on one game at a time,” Greener said.

All of these games will be streamed live on the UNLV Rebels hockey website.

From the Blue Line – Here are ASU’s last six scores – 5-3 over Jamestown, 3-6 to Missouri State, 0-4 to Minot, 1-2 to Arkansas, 0-3 to U of Arizona, 0-1 to U of Arizona