For the Love of Hockey

By Bethany Drysdale

Las Vegas – For the past two Monday nights, I have spent a humbling session in the Women’s Learn to Play class at City National Arena. Watching hockey on TV makes it seem so easy, and my skating is in its progressing stages, needless to say, I am not very good. BUT, I am having the best time in a very long time being out there on the ice. I can say it has to be the best workout I have done since my time in the Army.

The class is one hour long, with one coach and a dozen ladies from ages 20 to 50s. We learn skating skills, puck handling, and hockey knowledge. I can honestly say I fell flat on my face the first day. I have never learned how to properly stop on skates. I usually just glide to stop or in this case, fall down. Despite my utter embarrassment, no one laughed at me. Everyone was encouraging and helpful. Some have been taking the class for several sessions now, and have improved each time.

I am nowhere near ready to play in a game situation. Learning at any age is always a challenge. I feel so good about what I am doing and now I can show my kids the things I learn too. If anyone is interested in joining the class, it is Monday night, 7:30-8:30 pm at City National. You will need your own equipment and the registration fee is $150.

It is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.