By Lee Samuels

Las Vegas – Well after midnight and with the score tied 2-2 Kody Holmes of the Vegas Jesters lined up and got set to fire an OT/Shootout attempt at the goalie from the San Diego Skates in a big playoff game over at the SoBe Ice Arena on North Rancho Drive.

“During a game you study a goalie’s tendencies,” Kody was saying. “And just as you are actually doing a shootout attempt you take a hard look at his lean – left or right. And then you fire the puck the opposite side the way he leans.”

Kody, who wears jersey #9 and is a massively great player, scored the decisive goal on an OT/Shootout attempt which gave the Vegas Jesters a 3-2 win over San Diego. 

After the two teams tied 2-2 in regulation, Jesters head coach Tommy Caputo told officials his list of his OT shooters in order would be Zach Smith, Justin Battaglia and then Kody Holmes. Zach and Justin did not score, leaving it all up to Kody Holmes, a dynamic performer and goal scorer for the Jesters. 

There is one more game here Saturday night. If the Jesters win in regulation they advance in the Mountain West Hockey League playoffs against the NorCal Ice Raiders. If the Jesters and San Diego are tied they will keep playing until someone wins the game. No matter what happens one of these two teams will advance in the playoffs.


Best Friday Night Game

Mountain West Hockey League


Overtime Shootout
San Diego Skates 2


Vegas Jesters 3

Vegas goal – Zack Smith from Richard

SD goal – Terran O’Hara

SD goal – John Valenzuela powerplay

Vegas goal – Richard Prekop

Shots – San Diego 23-20 after two periods

//Vegas goalie Danny Kirkovich very strong with several tremendous saves in first period — Kody Holmes of Vegas awesome on attack runs on San Diego net – game has not been that physical/Las Vegas hockey dad Steve Allen at the rinkboards..San Diego captain Lucian Perrault jetting about with tremendous acceleration..San Diego’s John Valenzuela power play goal in upper right corner – San Diego leads 2-1..Third period underway …Tatu Kunzo of SD having awesome skate weaving about ..Kody Holmes of Jesters best player on ice ….SD putting a lot of pressure on Jesters net …it’s after midnight about 12:25 am or so..Jesters have really turned up their game with 12 minutes to go …8:15 left ..Jeff Lewis, Dave Rocco, Dan Pecora are game officials tonight …Richie Crossley Jesters blasts a hard check …Jesters goalie Danny Kirkovich astoundly great..6:50 to go is super heated .. Richie Crossley awesome defensively as clock ticks down ..4:15 left ..SD leads 2-1…Kody Holmes drives down left side but his shot was blocked ..Jesters call timeout 3:31 to go …tremendous game ..Vegas scores with 2:35 to go – Richard Prekop scores from right side mid-range blast- period ends ..going 4 x 4 OT for five minutes..time is 12:46 am …crowd staying in arena – no one leaving ..SD calls timeout with 10 seconds left in OT ..2-2 game ..overtime over ..shootout begins ..San Diego misses all 3 shots – Kody Holmes drills one in — Vegas Jesters win 3-2 in an OT/Shootout.

Lee at Blue Line

SoBe Ice Arena, North Rancho Drive

Faceoff 10:15 pm

//This is the first since 2014 that a Las Vegas team has been in the MWHL playoffs. This is a two-game series per MWHL officials. The winner takes on defending champion NorCal Ice Raiders next week. The San Diego Skates have been in the MWHL playoffs five straight seasons and are a 2-time MWHL Champion.