Coming This Summer…a once in a lifetime hockey adventure…based on a true story…


By Lee Samuels and Mary Cate Zurfluh

Not all goal scorers are created equal. Whatever the great goal scorer The Genuis thinks happens. If he wants to score a goal, he scores. If he wants to wear Anthony Greener’s famous #96 Rebels jersey, he wears it during the game. If he wants to change the score on the scoreboard, numbers start flashing. And he is partnered with two mean cats the Jokers who patrol on the ice for protection purposes.

Las Vegas coaches Rob Pallin and Anthony Greener have united on a Las Vegas team to put a stop to all of this at the annual Summer Blast ’19 here in Las Vegas. Vegas Hockey’s star reporter Bethany Drysdale will be at the boards writing about the game. Skitters, the baby rink kitten who wanders onto wrong benches during most games will have her own unreal adventure going on.

Someone needs to put a stop to this…..

This hockey adventure story gets released here on the eve of July 4.

Our cast includes:

Coaches – Rob Pallin, Anthony Greener

GM – Hockey dad John McNicholas

Super Scout – Tommy Ricketts

Blade sharpener – the best – Dave Francis

Bench coach – Gramps, Anthony’s grandfather

Reporter – Bethany Drysdale – she tries to interview the Genius before the game

Rinkboard Dad – Steve Allen, on the south boards – mistakenly taunts the Genius early in the game

Boy genius – Ryan Zurfluh, age 9, and creator of sparkly electronic things like force fields.

Team mom – Kim Gililland – she knew The Genius when he was a little one…

Zamboni – Peppers, very famous. You never quite know where his Zamboni will go or do during a game.

Team cat – Skitters baby kitten who wanders in wrong place at wrong times (Skitters created by Jay Zurfluh)


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