Coming this summer – on the eve of July 4 – Las Vegas hockey coaches will combine forces to try to shut down star goal scorer The Genius and the Jokers. Whatever the Genius thinks, comes true. If he wants to score a goal he does. If he wants to change the goals on the scoreboard numbers start flashing.

Before the Vegas Summer Blast ’19 gold medal game here in town The Genius skates over to the Vegas bench and confronts Las Vegas coaches Rob Pallin and Anthony Greener.

The Genius is wearing Greener’s famous #96 Rebels jersey.

The Jokers, protectors of the Genius, are on his left and right sides.

“Do they know their ABC’s yet,” cracked Pallin speaking to the Genius about the Jokers.

“Take off my jersey,” Greener said to the Genius.

“Where’s your grandfather my dear friend,” the Genius said softly.

Greener turned and looked for his beloved Gramps over by the rack of hockey sticks on the team bench.

He was just there.

But Gramps was not there now…and neither was rink kitten Skitters.


Based on a True Story


Written by Lee Samuels and Mary Cate Zurfluh