Friday, April 26, 2019

Live at CNA, Reporter Bethany Drysale, Vegas Hockey


Las Vegas – In a Can Am game ice hockey game tonight Kyle Clay of Las Vegas had two goals and Derek Sutliffe dealt 4 assists for Colvin Construction of Las Vegas in a 4-2 win over the Wild Knights at City National Arena.

Colvin Construction scoring

CC – Cody Castro

CC – Kyle Clay

CC – Chris Rial

CC – Kyle Clay

Derek Sutliffe 4 assists

CC goalie – Ryan Sutliffe


Colvin Construction roster

#1 Ryan Sutliffe; #4 Kris Carter; #7 Chris Rial; #9 Robbie Silvernail; #10 Roma Lydon; #11 Nick Robone; #17 Micah Sanford; #19 Gabriel Short; #24 Christian Bryan; #25 Anthony Robone; #31 Justin Porter; #74 Morgan Marinello; #92 Tyler Auricchio plus Vincent Ciaglo, Ross McMullan