Coming July 4 – A Hockey Adventure – Summer Blast 2019 – SoBe Ice Arena, North Rancho Drive, Las Vegas

The Genius and the Jokers Must Be Stopped

Not all Goal Scorers Are Created Equal – When the Genius thinks about scoring he scores. When he wants his team to score more goals, numbers change on the scoreboard. An elite group of Las Vegas coaches have united trying to find a way to take down the Genius and his enforcers the Jokers and win gold at Summer Blast 2019.

Written By Lee Samuels and Mary Cate Zurfluh

Our cast includes The Genius from North Star, Alaska, Las Vegas hockey coaches Rob Pallin, Anthony Greener, legendary Gramps on the bench, GM John McNicholas, super scout Tommy Ricketts, reporter Bethany Drysdale, Boy Genius Ryan Z, Dave Francis in the Sobe Pro Shop, the zany Peppers on the Zamboni, hockey Dad Steve Allen of Las Vegas and Skitters, baby rink cat who usually wanders onto the wrong bench on game night. (Skitters and Peppers created by hockey dad Jay Zurfluh)