Special to Vegas Hockey

Las Vegas – Caleb Margeson, assistant coach with the NA3HL Atlanta Capitals, said today that Las Vegas defenseman Gunner Moore – who played with Atlanta last winter – has been invited to the official tryout of the NAHL Odessa Jackalopes.

“Here’s hoping Gunner does well there,” said Caleb at the Las Vegas Ice Center. “If not there are at least two BCHL team opportunities for him. We push our players hard and he is a good example of what we do.”

Gunner, teammate with premier defenseman Vito Carlo of Las Vegas last season with the Atlanta Capitals, is 18, 6’1, 190. He had 5 goals, 33 assists for 38 points and was +23 on the ice.

From the Blue Line – The Ice Center’s North and South rinks were jammed with scouts at the rinkboards….The hockey folks from the EHL Eastern Hockey League were passing out flyers noting “….one in every five Dll and Dlll freshmen during the past four years played in the EHL.”