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Haverhill, Mass. – A number of top elite Las Vegas players and goalies will be going to the Hockey Night in Boston Summer Tournament which gets underway at the end of this week here at the Haverhill Valley Forum Ice Arena. Las Vegas coaches Brian Salcido and Matt Johnson will be one of the coaches with Chris Nagy who will coach a sophomore team called Team Western.  Nagy is coach of a prep school team in the ISL in Cambridge. Team Western will include Las Vegas players and some from the Colorado Thunderbirds program.

From Las Vegas 

Sophomore Division

Caden Berninger

Shane Dean

Dominic DiTondo 

AJ Lackas

Matt Lackas

Heath Mensch

Zack Ortolano

David Salcido


Jr High School Division

Conner Beers

Jack Lackas

Austin Moline

Keegan Morse

Ryan Pavlinsky

Joey Picciurro