Our Summertime Hockey Adventure Story

Whenever The Genius thinks about scoring, he scores. If looks at the overhead Sobe Scoreboard more goals are flashed onto it….let’s now begin our story....


By Lee Samuels and Mary Cate Zurfluh

Las Vegas –  Day of game staff meeting – Las Vegas coaches Rob Pallin, Anthony Greener and Wally Lacroix along with GM John McNicholas and super scout Tommy Ricketts. In the back of the room – up in the coaches office on the left side of the grandstands at the Sobe Ice Arena was Gramps who said he wanted to help.

“So who and what we are we facing,’ Pallin asked Ricketts.

Tommy opened his black binder, turned pages and said “a touring team which has never been beat, which has a player called The Genius – he grew up Bay Harbour, played for their Red Wings tier team. He made friends with two of the bad cat defensemen we ever seen. They are the Joker brothers. Their best friends on the ice were the Thompson Twins. Remember them?”

Pallin said “I do remember the Thompson Twins. They were enforcers for Johnnie Gold when we played on Vancouver Island a few of years ago.”

Just then Lacroix’ cellular turned red…and in gold letters it read…..

Disruption in Sector 4

“Where is Sector 4,” Rob asked Wally Lacroix

“That is where the million dollar slot machines are.

“Two of them just hit.”

Gramps looked over and said quietly “well, I guess we know where the Genius is…and he’s heading our way.”


Las Vegas, coached by Pallin, Greener and Lacroix, were taking on the touring team led by The Genius for the Summer Blast 2019 gold medal. The Genius and his team got there the easy way. Two LA teams and one from Billings, Montana, each forfeited their games. They each got destroyed by the Genius and the Jokers earlier in summertime tournaments.

“Let’s head downstairs, give it a go,” Pallin said.

When they went downstairs the Genius was on the ice.  A hockey Dad named Steve Allen was at the rinkboard, pounding the rink glass calling The Genius “a total Fraud.”

The Genius skated slowly to him, gently touched the glass and just like that hockey Dad Steve Allen was gone, like in cyberspace gone. The only thing left was his paper coffee cup.


On the Vegas bench was a small boy nicknamed the Boy Genius. His real name is Ryan Zurfluh, age 10. He told the Vegas coaches there was a way to beat the Genius and the Jokers. So when the Vegas players went to their bench, Boy Genius curled up inside of the rinkboard area facing the ice. He was holding a small black cube with red, green, yellow, purple lights. Each light was blinking.


Also on the Vegas bench was Bethany Drysdale, star reporter for Vegas Hockey. Skitters the baby rink cat who usually wanders over onto the wrong bench on game nights was there. And Dave Francis, the great one, was sharpening blades of all players in the SoBe Pro Shop.

At last the skaters from both teams were on the ice. Pallin, Greener and Lacroix were on the Vegas bench.

The Genius then spotted Greener’s famous #96 jersey framed and hung with care on the south side of the rink. The Genius looked at it and in a flash he was wearing Greener’s #96. 

That’s the exact moment Greener lost it

“Take off that jersey right now,’ Greener told the Genius.

‘Winning bores me,” the Genius said. “We win all of the time. We cannot be defeated. And I like your jersey.”

Gramps said “son, please take it off. It really is special.”

And that’s when Pallin asked The Genius ‘do they – the Jokers – know their A,B,Cs. Like do they know how to read kids books and stuff.”


When the game was about to get underway The Genius skated straight to the three Vegas coaches.

“Where’s the Rat at,” The Genius said.

“Don’t called Skitters our cat a rat,’ Gramps countered.

The Genius looked deep into the Vegas bench – his eyes glowed blue, then golden and then violet rays as his eyes surveyed the entire area.

“The Boy Genius rat – that’s who,” said the Genius.

“He means no harm. Just a small boy,” Pallin said


As The Genius skated away Pallin’s cellular vibrated

In golden letters it said 

He Isn’t Real. No Heart. Vitals are Missing

It was signed by Boy Genius


Boy Genius on his little black cube with the blinking lights had designed a “Net Force Field’ – meaning the Genius would not be scoring in this game. At the other end, the Vegas players were scoring goals.


Then, just like that the Genius and the Jokers were gone – like gone gone


And heading to the Vegas bench was mother of the Genius – Midnight Starr, Goddess.

Overhead lights shined on her.

Her massively large gown shimmered 

She didn’t skate or walk – she simply glided towards the Vegas bench.


“Dear coaches,’ she said. “The one you call the Genius is just a little boy in the world where we come from. He may seem like a big deal, but he’s not. 

“He means no harm.”


She paused and said ‘Gramps please come forward. I have something for you.”

Gramps walked slowly to the rinkboards.

“You are a great man Gramps. People on this planet will never forget what you did for others – your kindness, your care for others, what you did for children as a crossing guard, the nights you were on hockey benches making sure all was good for all.

“You will never, ever be forgotten.

“And I have something for you.”

She handed Gramps a large gleaming golden trophy.

It read….

“Las Vegas Summer Blast 2019 Champions.