Special to Vegas Hockey

Irvine, California – The Sin City Barons 18u roller team – gold medalists earlier this season in the AAU Jr Olympics Games – return to action today – Thursday – at the NARCh West Coast Finals.  The games will be played here at The Rinks. Kevin Conaway is head coach of the Sin City Barons.

Sin City Barons 18u

Wednesday, July 17

Sour Skittles – SoCal  9, Sin City Barons 3

//Sin City goals – Darion Conaway, Antonio Buck, Mark Nowag; (Sin City regular goalie Justin Lake not available)

Sin City Barons 6, Mission Mayhem 6 (tie)

//Sin City goals – Hunter Barto 3, Darion Conaway 1, Nathan Durrans 1 and Nathan Valdez 1

Thursday, July 18

Sin City Barons 5, Colorado Stallions 5 (tie)

//Sin City goals – Hunter Barto 3, Antonio Buck 1, Darion Conaway 1

Sin City Barons 2, Konixx Outcasts 01’s 1 – final score

//Sin City goals – Hunter Barto and Darion Conaway

Friday, July 19

Final 4 Game

Sin City Barons 2, Mission Mayhem 1