Sunday, July 21, 2019

Live Scoring Right Here

Vegas Rebels vs Red Army for NARCh Men’s Gold Medal

4:15 pm – Vegas Rebels on floor warming up at The Rinks in Irvine

There are readers from all parts of the USA and Canada plus Croatia, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland live with us now…

4:20 pm – Game is about to get underway

10 min to play in first half – Rebels more shots 3-2 – seem to have control though  (Halves are 12 min each with stop time)

7 min to play in first half – no score – Rebels more shots 5-4

2:10 left in first half – Red Army leads 1-0

0:30 left in first half – Billy Tufano scores – Shawn Pearson assist – game is tied 1-1


This a high tension game with two skilled disciplined teams going at it

Second Half underway

Both goalies playing extremely well – shots are now 13-13

Rebels pull goalie early and scores – Anthony Robone tip from Heinz 

Vegas leads 2-1

8:30 to play

2-2 game – Red Army scores on a 2 on 1 breakout

7:00 to play

Vegas goalie is Morgan Marinello who has played spectacularly in all games here

5 min to play – Game is 2-2; Shots 16-16

4 min to go – Red Army scores on rebound to lead 3-2

It’s maddening right now on the floor

2:10 to play – Vegas Rebels about to get onto a powerplay

Shots are 16-16


on the Vegas powerplay is Nick Robone, Austin, Will Heinz and Kris Carter

Nick is on top, Kris Carter down low – Rebels are in a diamond setup

60 seconds to go

Rebels ran a 5 on 3 and Will Heinz scored with 35 seconds left –  It is a 3-3 game. 

Red Army goes onto powerplay

We are now in Overtime

Red Army has 1:22 left on its powerplay

Nick, Billy and Heinz on penalty kill

45 seconds left on Red Army powerplay

Red Army shot HITS POST

10 seconds left on penalty kill

Red Army does not score on powerplay

9:20 left in overtime period





We will have live goal by goal scoring here on Vegas Hockey when the Adam Tamura-coached Las Vegas Rebels take on Red Army in the Men’s Gold Medal Game at the NARCh West Coast Finals at The Rinks in Irvine, California. Red Army is a strong force who won won the gold medal at NARCh’s Winternationals.

Here is how the Vegas Rebels got to the gold medal game

NARCh West Coast Finals

The Rinks, Irvine, California

Men’s Gold

Vegas Rebels

2-2 vs Warrior Revolution

4-2 over Red Army – NARCh Winternationals Champions

4-2 over Colorado Avalanche

9-4 over Florida Gulf Coast Eagles

Final 4

5-0 over Cougar Bait

Gold Medal Game

4-3 OT over Red Army