Thursday, September 19, 2019



Thursday – UNLV at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix

Friday – UNLV Rebels at Arizona State in Tempe, Arizona

Saturday – UNLV Rebels at Arizona State in Tempe, Arizona

By Lee Samuels

Phoenix – UNLV’s nationally ranked team will take on Grand Canyon University to open a three-game road trip here Thursday evening at the Arcadia Ice Arena. UNLV will then move on the next two nights with road games against ACHA D1 Arizona State.

UNLV goes into these games with a 2-0-0 record.

“The good news everyone is healthy,” texted Rebels head coach Anthony Greener while on the team bus to Arizona. “In the first game we will start Erik Eidissen in the net. We also plan to shake up all of our lines against Grand Canyon so that will soon be announced.

“For this road trip it’s all about us – our team,” Greener said. “Don’t know much about either team but I do know for sure ASU has a handful of really good players so dealing with them will be a big test. Again, all of our players are healthy. We are travelling with 26 players, coaches and staff.”

From the Blue Line – The Thursday game will be Arcadia Ice Arena 7 pm local time in Phoenix. The games vs ASU will be at Oceanside Arena in Tempe with 8 pm faceoff times.