UNLV Rebels 4, ASU 2


By Lee Samuels

Tempe – This win will go down historically as one of the best wins of the season for UNLV – a game where they dug in, fought for each other in the dark corners, gave it all they had with freshman goalie Dorian Laganiere who bravely fought off a lot ASU attack runs. Every second of the game – and even for moments after the game – was war-like and will be remembered, we think, as a turning point of this season.

First Period

//UNLV goal – Jake Saxe, right side blast

Second Period

//UNLV goal – Paxton Malone from John Moeller

//UNLV goal – Jayson Dimizio from Brendan Manning, Hunter Muzzillo

Near end of period UNLV goalie Laganiere knocks away an ASU breakaway shot

Third Period

//UNLV goal – Jayson Dimizio, 2nd goal of the game  – UNLV leads 4-1

//ASU scores – UNLV’s lead now 4-2

//6:24 to play – After a penalty UNLV calls timeout

//5:16 to play – Rebels goalie down in net; time is called…..

//3:41 to play – ASU on powerplay

Game over – UNLV Rebels win 4-2


Saturday Flash Update

Special to Vegas Hockey

Tempe, Arizona –  Freshman goalie Dorian Laganiere from Gransby, Quebec, Canada will be back in the net tonight for the UNLV Rebels in Game Two vs the ACHA D1 Arizona State here at the Oceanside Arena. 

The Rebels, 3-1-0, also activated goalie Erik Eidissen for this game.

The #1 line for the Rebels will be left wing Kane Toriumi, center Jared Turcotte and right wing Jake Saxe. The #1 defensive pair will be captain Bas Assaf and assistant captain Eric Williams.

The big game gets underway 8 pm local time. Go to UNLV’s twitter feed for a live game video link.