Special to Vegas Hockey

Jimmy Samuels, who grew up playing roller hockey and ice hockey in Las Vegas, has been nominated for a major video/film award in London. Jimmy, now a student at Kansas University, majors in Film Production. The award is affiliated with RuneFest in an annual festival for the massive video game. Jimmy has been nominated for Best New Video Maker. He has accumulated over 6.5 million total views and 92,000 subscribers through his You Tube channel J1mmy. His video game features a character with a comedic persona as he explores story-lines inside the game itself.  Jimmy at KU played a season of ice hockey there, then became a GM of the team and was President of the team last season. When looking for a college three years ago he searched for one which had a major in Film and then enrolled at Kansas University. He is a dear hockey friend of Vito Carlo here in town and also with the late, great hockey dad Tommy Ricketts. Jimmy’s grandmother is Mary Margaret Samuels, mother of Eddie Samuels. Jimmy will be taking a flight to London tomorrow and will be at the RuneFest Festival this week.