Saturday, October 5, 2019

By Lee Samuels

Las Vegas – When big saves were needed the most UNLV’s goalie Erik Eidissen made two late-game spectacular ones – the first one done while diving to his left, the second on a wicked live-fire hard shot right at him in the closing moments of the Rebels 4-2 win over a hard skating Grand Canyon University before a big, excited hometown crowd at City National Arena.

It was a hard, blue-streak kind of a game with bigtime checking and Eidissen sealed the win by making the big stops.

So how did he do it?

“Goalie coaches tell you when a goal scorer comes right at you to be very patient in the net – wait until he makes a committment on what shot he’s going to take and then make your defensive move,” Eidissen said after the game. “This strategy works most of the time.”

While this was going on the two teams were going at it over the speed limit  – like the fasted we’ve seen in some time.

And how does UNLV Rebels head coach Anthony Greener deal with a high-speed games which are really noticeable this season.

Greener noted “Athletes in all sports today are bigger, stronger, faster. We’re seeing it too in hockey. The skaters do not take any time off even in summer months. They just keep working out to get stronger. Knowing this we have to recruit players who can really move on the ice.”

Eidissen is from Sweden. He made a decision to come to the United States to be scouted as a top goalie. “We first went to play hockey in the San Diego Jr Gulls program,” he said. “After a year of that we came to UNLV to play. And we like playing here a lot.”

From the Blue Line – UNLV’s D’Andre John had an excellent game with some quick, tricky moves to work past defenders…..UNLV’s premier defenseman Eric Williams had one of his best games – like he has practically every game actually…Goal scorers for UNLV were Tristan Mayer, Brendan Manning, Kane Toriumi and Kirk Underwood – his very first….This was a hard checking, rough game and the big hometown crowd was really in it all of this…UNLV raised its record to 6-1…..Referees were Ryan Townsend, Wally Lacroix….Utah University comes into town next weekend. Expect trouble when they hit the ice.