Special to Vegas Hockey

Irvine, Ca. – Tristan Toth and Jordan Hinkes each scored three times as the Vegas Jr Golden Knights High School team opened their season spectacularly with a 13-0 win over the Saddlebrook United Rangers here at the Great Park Ice and FivePoint Arena.

Heath Goldsmith was the goalie for the Vegas Jr Golden Knights.


VGK – Tristan Toth from Brett Harpling

VGK – Noah Smejkal from Tyler Owens

VGK – Tristan Toth

VGK – Colton Boyd from Tristan Toth

VGK – Michael Bourgault from Jordan Hinkes

VGK – Tristan Toth

VGK – Jordan Hinkes from Ean Vitz, Chris Kerl

VGK – Brett Harpling from Zoe Zamara

VGK – Jordan Hinkes 

VGK – Ean Vitz from Jordan Hinkes

VGK – Noah Chavez from Jordan Hinkes

VGK – Jordan Hinkes

VGK – Colton Boyd

VGK goalie – Heath Goldsmith (shutout victory)


Vegas Golden Knights High School Team

Head Coach – Daryl Wademan

Team Manager – Heather Chavez


#5 Ava Gartz

#6 Colton Boyd

#7 Landon Gaudrealt

#9 Ean Vitz

#10 Zach Fontana

#11 Brett Harpling

#12 Chris Kerl

#19 Jordan Hinkes

#20 Sam Brennan

#26 Noah Chavez

#27 Michael Bourgault

#28 Tristan Toth

#33 Andy Muradyan

#52 – Zoe Zamara

#63 Noah Smejkal

#69 Tyler Owens

#73 Koen Dudschus