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Jason Zucker of the NHL Minnesota Wild grew up playing ice and roller hockey in Las Vegas….


“Jason Zucker writes “mom” and “dad” on every stick just under the initials of his friend, Nick Schaefer, who died in 2010 at the age of 19 in a car accident. Tattooed on Zucker’s chest is “Game Time,” a funny saying Schaefer used to say. Tattooed on Zucker’s left wrist is the autograph of a young boy named Tucker who Zucker befriended before Tucker died of a rare form of bone cancer in 2016.”

— Michael Russo, writing in The Athletic – the great new sports website (we are a subscriber, Lee). When Jason visited Tucker, age 8, in the hospital they talked hockey. The unforgettable Tucker said he was Jason’s biggest fan and advised him to ‘Shoot More.

— Lee Samuels, reporting…