By Lee Samuels

This is a true hockey story

A division-leading junior hockey team heads out on a 10-game December road trip.

They lose their first three games.

They are far away from home in a winter storm.

The team captain gets summoned to see the GM/Head Coach

“Don’t like losing,” the coach said. “Tears me up. Cannot let this continue. 

“I’ve been making some phone calls.

“Talking to three new players.

“In fact I have their airline tickets right here on my desk. They can be here tomorrow.

“So cut three players. Tell them to go home.

“You are the captain. It’s your job to do it.”


What did this captain do?


Here is what went down. Our hockey son Eddie Samuels was a captain or co-captain on teams while playing in junior hockey. After the coach called him in to deal with these losses, Eddie had a team meeting and told his teammates

“…hey, if we don’t get it together he wants me out of here. And we don’t want to go. Like it here a lot. Let’s get it done.”

He didn’t want to put any extra pressure on his teammates – and they did get it together winning the rest of the games on that long far away from home road trip.