Big Game Thursday Night


Tucson Convention Center


#16 UNLV Rebels 1

#7 Arizona – 2

UNLV goalie – Dorian Laganiere

//On ASU’s first goal Lagnaiere had an awkward spill inside Rebels net… Rebels trainer went towards him, Laganiere indicated he wanted to keep playing…Arizona’s season record is 11-2-2; UNLV Rebels are 10-5-1 coming into this game…Eric Williams UNLV scored on powerplay – Bas Assaf assist – game is now 1-1 late in 3rd period…Arizona scores on quick strike leads 2-1 late…..Arizona holds on to win 2-1. This was a very hard tough physical game for both teams. …Game two of this series here in Tucson on Saturday night

Game is over…