By Lee Samuels and Mary Kate Zurfluh

Las Vegas – Johnnie Gold of LA skates with a pure gold hockey stick with honing devices to fire off goal-scoring blasts. Johnnie never misses. He is accompanied by his two protectors, the Barstow Brothers, along with head coach Jack Black. Together they have put together a junior hockey team from Bay City and they plan to take apart a hometown Las Vegas team and do a ‘takeover” of the Sobe Ice Arena here in town on Christmas Eve. Their coach Jack Black says they will absolutely win and then take Santa who is making a stop at the arena that night to LA….Ouch…


Hometown Las Vegas star coaches Anthony Greener, Wally Lacroix and Rob Pallin have teamed together with new GM Zee Khan to put a complete stop to this on game night.

Or can they?


Don’t try to get a ticket. Seriously. The game is totally sold out. Check it out on the SoBe Arena daily events schedule.


Our cast includes coaches Anthony Greener, Wally Lacroix, Rob Pallin …star reporter Bethany Drysdale on the bench, Gramps over by the stick rack, Boy Genius – Ryan Zurfluh, Skitters, a baby rink kitten who somehow someway always wanders over to the wrong team team bench on game night, hometown hockey dad Steve Allen, Kid Sister, Leah Zurfluh and the zany Peppers on the Zamboni plus these execs….

GM Zee Khan, CEO John McNicholas, VP Greg Yochum, super scout Tommy Ricketts and the great one – Dave Francis with a smile and a nice warm pot of coffee in the SoBe pro shop.


Our co-author is our daughter Mary Kate Zurfluh who is the writer of children’s books including ‘Flash the Cat’

Lee is the author of the holiday classic ‘The Kid Who Never Scored a Goal’

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