Today’s Big Game

Sunday, December 28, 2019

Vegas Confetti Cup Tournament

City National Arena, Las Vegas

Final 4 Game

AA 16u

Final Score

AA Utah Golden Eagles 16u………..0……0…..3=3

AA Vegas Jr Golden Knights 16u….0….2……2=4


Vegas scoring

VGK – Heath Mensch from Harris Whissel, Tony Mazza

VGK – Ian Williams from Micah Williamson

VGK – Heath Mensch from Anthony Juric, Tristan Nelson

VGK – Tony Mazza from Heath Mensch, Chase McCrossan

VGK goalie – Colton Miller

3-Stars –  Heath Mensch, Ian Williams, Tony Mazza, Colton Miller

//AA Vegas Jr Golden Knights 16u next plays the AA Charleston Colonials who beat the North Stars 3-2 in a Final 4 game.

//Gold Medal game 2 pm at City National Arena

//AA Vegas Jr Golden Knights 16u are the USA Hockey Defending National Champions.