NARCh Winternationals Update!

We’re less than 48 hours from dropping the puck and kicking off the 2020 NARCh Season at The Rinks in Huntington Beach!  We have a few quick important announcements.

Rule Change!  In an attempt to keep the natural flow of the game, we’ve added a rule.  Teams will no longer have the ability to kill the clock in their defensive zone on a delayed call.  New Rule

If you are participating in Huntington Beach this weekend, please make sure your children/players know there is NO STICK PLAY OFF THE RINK!  There’s been damage to the facility and personal property in the past, so this will not be tolerated.  Wearing skates is allowed.  Playing with sticks and pucks/balls off the rink is not!

Make sure to not leave valuables in the locker room!


Southern California traffic is often a nightmare.  Games will likely be running 30 minutes early at times, so plan accordingly and get to the rink early so you don’t miss your game!  Also make sure to look at the schedule carefully and go to the correct facility, as we are also using The Rinks in Irvine.

This is going to be an amazing tournament and we wish all the teams the best of luck!  See many of you soon at The Rinks!


NARCh Staff




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