The other night we were at a Thunderbirds game at the SoBe Arena and one of the fans asked “why is Jersey #96″ framed up there on the south wall?”  We took a look and there it was – Anthony Greener’s famous UNLV Rebels #96. The fan asked “..tell me more about him.” – Lee

Flashback Story…

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Las Vegas – “We don’t print jersey #96 anymore,” UNLV defenseman and promotions guru Arturo Castro was saying last night. “Not since Greener graduated.”

Jersey #96 is the most famous jersey of all time in Las Vegas. Anthony Greener wore it for what, 4 1/2 seasons. He was UNLV captain two seasons, co-captain two seasons.

He played on the top line for UNLV in every single game he ever skated for the Rebels.

And all of a sudden the Alumni Game is scheduled this Saturday night (5:45 pm) at the SoBe Arena and Greener is one of the Rebels greats invited to play.


It’s amazing Greener is skating because the way he went out of the game – checked brutally hard when he was down and against the boards at Long Beach State three seasons ago. It was a totally unfair way to shut down one of the greatest players of our time in Las Vegas.

Greener is on a alumni roster which includes Mike Zenzola, Sam Braniff, Jordan Brusig, Todd Monteros, Doug Wenglare and Vegas Hockey Hall of Fame goalie Chris Tate.


So where are Greener’s home and away UNLV #96 jerseys. Well, one is framed and hung with care on the south wall of the SoBe Ice Arena.

“I think my Mom has one, Gramps may have one,” Greener said last night. “That’s about it.”


Greener said the best UNLV line he ever played on included the giant goal scorer Josh Jasek and Scott Rensmon.

“Jasek and I both made All-American that year. I had what, like 85 points. Another line I liked being on was with Sam Braniff and Robbie Silvernail. We had a few good combos and (coach) Rob Pallin was always good with finding the right lines and not really messing with them too much,” Greener said.

Greener’s biggest goals for UNLV?

“That’s a tough one,” he said. “Maybe scoring two goals with less than 50 seconds to play to beat Utah in their own building. Or maybe it was the breakaway winner to beat San Diego State with only a minute left. We had a alot of big goals when we were in that big unbeaten stretch on our home ice.

“So yes I will be skating in the Alumni Game. I don’t know what jersey though. I will wear whatever Arty (Arturo Castro) throws at me. I’ve been skating pretty good in town on Thursdays and Sunday nights,” Greener said.

Which brings us to Arturo Casto, the UNLV defenseman who in the fall was crushed from behind by a player from Long Beach State. Arturo had a very bad back injury and wore a neck brace at UNLV home games during the season.

But sometimes the will to play is too much.

Arturo plans to suit up and skate on Saturday night.