By Lee Samuels

Las Vegas – When the firefight was over – and this was an all-out firefight every single tick on the big game clock on the south wall – the Anthony Greener coached UNLV Rebels burned past #5 ranked Arizona University 4-3 in a staggeringly great game before a standing room only crowd at City National Arena on Friday night. Fans were three-deep watching the big game from the north rinkboards.

This was one of the special once-in-a-season games you will ever see.

Rebels coach Greener said “just love our team – down one with 12 minutes to play and there was no quit in our players. They battled the entire game. Cannot wait to see how we do here on Saturday night.”

For UNLV Rebels’ Eric Williams – a 4-time Vegas Hockey Defenseman of the Year – it was like a playing a game at the U.S. Nationals.

“What you saw tonight was typical of any game we have played at the Nationals – really fast, hard, rough at all times,” Williams said.

“Yes there was great team speed in this game,” Greener noted.

UNLV, ranked #16, took down at Arizona team which came into town with a 22-3-2 season record.

The Rebels got an all-out  tremendous effort from star goalie David Anderson in every moment of the game.

Rebels goal scorers were Jayson Dimizio, Paxton Malone, Jared Turcotte and Nick Flanders.

And you know it’s a big game when the referees are two of the great ones – Wally Lacroix and Todd Owen.

However when the game was over one Arizona fan over by the coffee area said “…Arizona State is Number One on our Most Hated List.

“Tonight UNLV just took the #2 spot.”

From the Blue Line – UNLV, with five straight wins, is now 16-11-1 overall this season…Coach Greener added late last night “…for our fans this had to be a real fun game to watch.”


#16 UNLV Rebels vs #5 Arizona University 

Game Notebook

Final Score   –  UNLV 4, Arizona 3

//Las Vegas – Hard, physical game before a frenzied sold out crowd at City National Arena; Rebels Goalie David Anderson ultra strong in net; there are a lot of Arizona fans jammed in arena as well.

//Jayson Dimizio scored  his 7th goal of the season close range from left side for UNLV; Arizona scored moments later close range as well; this is a high speed hard game; Arizona scored from slot area to lead 2-1 with 10:20 left in second period; then UNLV scored to tie it 2-2 – Paxton Malone gets his 14th goal..it looked like UNLV scored again but it was ruled no goal ..second period over ..this is unquestionably one of UNLV’s best games of the season…in 3rd period Arizona scored from slot area to take 3-2 lead— 12:45 left in the game ..then amazingly UNLV scored close range to tie the game. Jared Turcotte got his 7th goal for Rebels..Rebels number 11 Nick Flanders rushes to net and scores his 3rd goal of the season – Rebels lead 4-3…the arena is rocking like big time…10:07 to play…Rebels battled hard in the final arena-shaking moments to win it….


Pre-Game Story….

By Lee Samuels

Las Vegas – The Countdown Clock to greatness is ticking for head coach Anthony Greener and the UNLV Rebels right here and right now.

Like, it all begins tonight – Friday – here on home ice.

There is nothing bigger this season than powerful #5 ranked Arizona University with a 22-3-3 record coming into town for a very meaningful two-game series at the City National Arena on Charleston Avenue, right next to the Red Rock Casino.

Greener, the great head coach of the #16 ranked UNLV Rebels, knows all about big games. As a former player for the Rebels he was on the top line when the biggest and best teams came to Las Vegas.

High Tension? Game Heat? It’s now running through each player on both teams.

Greener took a deeper look at all of this saying  “….it’s a huge opportunity to play a team ranked in the Top 10. This could really help move up in the rankings.

“We are looking for a good start on Friday night getting pucks deep and taking care of pucks in our zone.

“We have to go north with the puck right away and gets pucks behind their defense.”

UNLV’s top line for Friday looks this way – Kane, Turcotte and Paxton. Manning, Underwood and Saxe will be on the second line. Bas Assaf and Eric Williams will be the top defensive pair. UNLV’s starting goalie will be David Anderson.



6-3 over Grand Canyon

6-5 over Grand Canyon

4-1 over Colorado State

4-2 over Colorado State

7-1 over Colorado

From the Blue Line – These are the biggest, most anticipated games of the season and a sellout crowd is expected on Friday and Saturday nights.