By Lee Samuels

Las Vegas – Hard-shooting John Purdy of the AA Vegas Jr Golden Knights 16u ignited a flame-shooting rocket-blast goal which got a got a standing ovation from the big crowd  – but the AA Texas Tigers’ high speed tricky-moving forwards did enough to win 2-1 in a thrilling President’s Day Tournament game at the Sobe Ice Arena on North Rancho Drive on Saturday.

Purdy and hard-worker defenseman Tristan Nelson are both wearing a ‘C’ on their jerseys this season for Vegas.

And little did anyone know but this was the final home game of the season for the AA Vegas Jr Golden Knights 16u who will play the rest of this tournament at the Las Vegas Ice Center and then will proceed later in the month to play in Arizona for weekend games while wiring in for the U.S. National Championships.

Either team could have won this game – both goalies were great including the great Zackary Ortolano of the AA Vegas Jr Golden Knights 16u. He made a dozen impossible glove saves to keep his team in this game.

Boden Jenson was the goalie for Texas. He was outstanding as well. 

So many of the Jr Golden Knights played well including big game goal scorer Heath Mensch who made fast moves to get positioned and fire off a number of hard shots at the Texas net. He is a big-game goal scorer.

From the Blue Line – There was a massive highly-energized crowd at this game – this is the first time in years so many fans have turned out to see a tier team like this Wally Lacroix-coached AA Vegas Jr Golden Knights 16u….After the second period the goalies – Ortolano, Jensen – while switching sides – tapped gloves at center ice. Total respect for each other….When the game was moving to a super-heated finish Lacroix on the bench took a long drink from a bottle of cold mountain water….On Sunday the AA Vegas Jr Golden Knights 16u take on Arizona-based AA AHSHA Premier 16u at the Las Vegas Center. Game time is 9:20 am.

Las Vegas scoring

LV – John Purdy from Heath Mensch, Caden Berninger

LV goalie – Zackary Ortolano – 10-Star Game