Thursday, October 3, 2019

By Lee Samuels

Las Vegas – There’s no question veteran elite goalie Rhett Bruckner of Huntington Beach, California is the centerpiece of the brand new WSHL Las Vegas Thunderbirds who take on the invading Fresno Monsters in their first game ever Friday night 6 pm at the Sobe Ice Arena on North Rancho Drive.

And boy is he ready to play.

Hockey coach Rob Pallin of Las Vegas said Bruckner worked out during the summer with a group of star players including Brennan Blasczak, Jerrett Overland and Eric Williams.

Pallin, the head coach of HC TWK Innsbruck, said Rhett “worked hard and looked strong in the net” during skill drills which included live fire on Rhett.  

“He is going to have a great season,” Pallin said. “We met Thunderbirds coach Dave Hyrsky too and he’s a great person as well. The fans are really going to like him.”

Bruckner, 20, has good size at 6’1, 185.  Two seasons ago he played for the WSHL Las Vegas Storm over at the Las Vegas Ice Center.

There is plenty of good, skilled hometown Las Vegas players on the Thunderbirds including Darion Conaway, Sean Kedra, Sammy Redoble, Anthony Rodriguez, Joe Terrana, Gabe Testa and JJ Williamson.